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“All what is made in Pietrasanta is well made“, we heard someone saying once and starting from that nice comment, we had an idea that become a project that developed into a synergy.

Excellence and quality will be our keywords, together with craftsmanship and cut to size, where “cut to size” means adjusted, shaped, and performed according to the clients’ final needs.
We are a small, efficient group of entrepreneurs who decided to share decades of experience in each own field and to work in synergy where each part is there to contribute at its best.

Three companies, working in Pietrasanta for years and years, taking abroad on international land their products and developing a network of artisans, clients, artists, pieces of arts that contribute to make this world, if not better, at least nicer.
We want to dream big, think big, act big.

Here we are the three musketeers… of modern time ready for the new viral marketing battle.
Here we are, ready to use social channels, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger to spread the world, to make their products known.

Our past, Our present: the Story of Ferrari & Bacci

After the Second World War, two Venetians came to Pietrasanta and started up a business in the mosaic field and two young boy: Spartaco Ferrari and Francesco Bacci, at the time young teenagers, started working for them. It was in 1950 that Ferrari&Bacci decided to...

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Travelling through Denmark is always a pleasant experience: trains go smoothly from one point to another, buses arrive on time and people use bikes at any time of the year. April there is not Spring yet, with its low temperatures and its sleeping nature, but the...

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The bronze sculpture by the worldwide famous Colombian artist, Fernando Botero, self-titled "the most Colombian of Colombian artists" early on, featuring a lady on a horse, is one of the iconic pieces of contemporary art. There is no or little need to...

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The story of our business relationship and friendship with Erik A Frandsen, started more than ten years ago when the first paintings in stone were done for him at the Ferrari&Bacci. Frandsen is a self-taught artist that lived in Carrara where he learned how to become...

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Kimon and Myomu

RestauroItalia and Kan Ya Suda: a splendid joint venture to give back life to time and environment affected pieces. RestauroItalia played an important role in the “renaissance” of two works by Kan Ya Suda exhibited in Italy: Kimon and Myomu Two pieces where Kan’s...

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Mosaics is an ancient art form that always finds new ways to express itself throughout the ages. It may be defined as an image made from the assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials, used mainly in decorative art or interior decorations....

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