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Why is Made in Pietrasanta good?

Made in Pietrasanta is born from a synergy of professionals and artisans that, each in his own capabilities, brings its very best on the current art market.

A group of people that exchange experiences, requests and contacts to make the brand MadeinPietrasanta renown all over the world and attract prospective buyers to come and live the Italian Art experience at its full.

A group of professionals that know the answers to many questions and help each other to answer the ones that may remain answered.

This is the concept that brought into Pietrasanta the creation of the bronze sculpture of the mermaids that is now enriching the first Italian Starbucks coffee shop in Italy, with its 2300 square metres building where the ancient Milan Post Office used to be and where thousands of Italians used to come and go in their everyday routine.

Made in Pietrasanta and Starbucks

Photocredit @corrieredellasera

Reading the various editorials published on the web, on the topic of one of the most famous American brands in the coffee industry, as Starbucks, choosing to expand on the Italian market, it appears immediately evident that the idea underlying the project was to “ cut to size” the brand to the Italians and their needs , to get in touch with them by channeling their customs, traditions, habits, so what better way than art and sculpture to convey this message?

That’s why the project manager, Alessia Bucci, got I touch with the artist Giovanni Balderi, who in turn took them to Massimo Galleni, one of the member of MadeInPietrasanta, to have the pieces executed in marble, but during the various meetings, Massimo Galleni made it clear to the Starbucks team , that timing was not on their side, since the opening date was far too close in time to let Massimo’s artisans execute the piece in marble as requested.

It was then that the spirit of Made in Pietrasanta, came out and Massimo thought about a solution that could get two birds out of a stone: to make the managers happy, meeting with their deadline and to promote one of the members of the Made in Pietrasanta group that could meet their request and produce a sculpture within the time granted.

It was therefore the turn of Fonderia Artistica Mariani, to come on the scene, that was requested to execute the giant mermaid in bronze.

A 2.20 metres high piece in bronze, finished with a classic patina whose project was created by the sculptor Giancarlo Buratti, that provided Fonderia Mariani with the model to be cast in bronze.

Made in Pietrasanta and Starbucks

Photocredit @MassimoGalleni

Made in Pietrasanta and Starbucks

Photocredit @MassimoGalleni

But why a mermaid?

Because this is the very symbol chosen by Starbucks in 1971 to represent, with its double tails, the brand that, in the following years, would have covered a big segment of the international market, becoming an icon, popular all over the world.

Made in Pietrasanta and Starbucks

Photocredit @milanotoday

The project was kept discreet until the grand opening that took place some weeks ago and now, after some months of work, the splendid mermaid has found its place in the Roastery in Milano, to be admired and enjoyed by customers and clients, while drinking a cup of wonderful coffee or enjoying a Spritz at night time.