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After the Second World War, two Venetians came to Pietrasanta and started up a business in the mosaic field and two young boy: Spartaco Ferrari and Francesco Bacci, at the time young teenagers, started working for them.

It was in 1950 that Ferrari&Bacci decided to open their own company and hired a very young boy, whose name was Aldo Bertellotti, who was more or less a child when he touched the first coloured set of mosaics, an activity that was to become his passion and life for the years to come.

Our past, Our present: the Story of Ferrari & Bacci

It is therefore for more than 60 years that Messrs Ferrari&Bacci has been creating mosaics and sending them all over the world, from the Arabian, magical countries of the Middle East, to the Norther cold countries of Europe, from the far away states of the United States of America, to the close Italian towns.

Its unique value proposition is its colour divisionist technique that makes it possible, through the mixing of colours, to obtain any shade, creating a particularly refined final effect.

Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, civil buildings and private houses, all get enriched by the beautiful “paintings in stone”, that Ferrari&Bacci create on a daily basis, with its long time experienced artisans and with their beautiful Venetian glass mosaics and marble mosaics.

Our past, Our present: the Story of Ferrari & Bacci

In 1994, a new entry revitalizes the company, with the presence of Manrico Bertellotti: Aldo’s young son,

Our past, Our present: the Story of Ferrari & Bacci

who implemented a department devoted to the restoration of ancient mosaics, which opened up a new realm of possibilities with the restauration of important monuments like monumental graveyards, or the great altar of The Assisi Cathedral ( the Basilica Superiore), seriously damaged by the 1997 earthquake and the restauration of the Berlin Dome in 2002.

Manrico, with his wife Silvia,

Our past, Our present: the Story of Ferrari & Bacci

are now the new limph of the business, continuously and silently supported by Aldo, who does what he has always been doing: creating art with tiny pieces of coloured marble or glass.
Time flies while new, engaging works are being created for big commissions, taken on by the team with enthusiasm.

And now it’s the time for Linda… the youngest of the Bertellotti family, a smiling, beautiful young girl with an inner drive and passion for mosaics, inherited by Aldo, her grandfather and nicely expressed in perfectly and carefully handmade pieces of mosaics.

Our past, Our present: the Story of Ferrari & Bacci

Hands: the main tool used at Ferrari&Bacci, that makes this company stand out from international competitors from all over the world.

Hands: what makes here everything special and one of a kind.

Hands : the magical tools that express knowledge and a long time experience, that come from long hours spent under the natural light of the sun or under the light of a lamp, to find the perfect piece, the exact colour, the suitable shape to make a tale of… stones.

Our past, Our present: the Story of Ferrari & Bacci